Age of Conan: Custom UI Patcher

Ok, this is my first "mod" for AoC. You actually cant call it a mod because it is a external tool which helps to keep the Mods in you AoC directory up to date. If you played WoW in the beginnings you might compare it  with an automatic TOC patcher. In AoC the versioning of mods goes one step further or backwards depending how you see it. Each XML File in a Modification have it's own special version numbering which looks like:
<--$Change: 49054 $ (must be within the first 200 characters of the file)-->
As statet in the brackets this code must be withing the first 200 characters of each XML file. If not AoC simple will ignore this file or throw you an exception. So currently the patches and with the patches the new version numbers appears nearly daily. Because of each Mod/Gui have several of those XML files it is neccesary to a) hope that the mod author is very quick and put a new version online already b) change it manualy. To give the option b)  a improvement I created this tool. Ok, there are many possibilitys how to chage this but maybe somebody else like this simple way too. So here we go, the result was this tool.







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