Please find more current Information about LegendsHD in a new summarizing Blog Post here. The Information presented below is outdated!
Well it`s a “Release Candidate” but it`s Public. Next Week I heading to Hanover for Cebit so I decided to release the current state into the wild. Reported bugs after the last Beta round were minimal most feedback was related to the presets. So even if I repeat myself 1000x again: I just providing the tool as a preset manager please use your own skills to modify the provided examples and release them. The difference between liking and hating a preset is mostly a matter of taste. Currently there are two user created presets included, both were created during the past weeks of beta testing. Thanks to the submitters. The one I currently like most is the “dota 2 lookalike” preset. I got so used to it that a normal LoL client just looks like a exploded kid`s color box to me :)

Overview of the current included Presets

Remember all presets marked with “LegendsHD” are just some rough examples not intended for end use / play ^^

Dota 2 Lookalike Preset by CreeDy    Bloom + HighContrast by 13lade619

LegendsHD brighter Preset    LegendsHD Crispy Bright

LegendsHD DeSaturated Dark    LegendsHD default Preset

By the way, noticed my Awesome Twitch skin ? ^.^

Put up or shut up!

ok ok enough talk where is the Download you ask ? PLEASE remember those things:
  • This is FREE SOFTWARE so tread it like this
  • If you dont like it  - fine
  • If you like it: Tell your friends !
  • Any problems ? Please use the comment function below
  • Any Suggestions ? Please use the comment function below
  • Anything else ? Please use the comment function below :)


FYI: If you run the Mod you can easy toggle the effect ingame by pressing SHIFT-F12 good way to show the difference.

Bug Splat - Help

Yeah I know this tool isn`t perfect. Of course. Bugfixing rely on good error reporting. A "fuck it dont work" doesn`t help much. Shader modification are mainly a dictated change of the graphiicards behavior. So maybe not all GFX cards are capable of handling those mods the right way. I tested it mainly on Nvidia based cards and had no problem. Due to the fact that I can only test what I own my possibilitys are very limited. So again, any detailed report will help. Especially if you have experience with enbserires Injects working for you in other games.

Dot NET 4.0 required!

Due to the fact that the LegendsHD Tool comes as run & go without a installer it is required by the user to check the pre requirements. So if you run the EXE File and receive a Error please be sure you have the latest DotNet 4 installed. You can Download DotNet here. Now finally the Download: [download id="25"]

Like it ? Help me

If you like it please upvote on reddit and recommend it to your friends / clan mates. As I said before I just writing this tool in my sparetime so I'm reliant to recommendations. The chance to see awesome presets is increased by the no. of users trying it. Of course you can start by giving me a like on the buttons below :) Thank you in advance !


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