If you look at the Windows command prompt from a network perspective, Linux has better "weapons" to offer. Often it's the little things that frustrate me with Windows from time to time. For example, the DHCP client. In Linux it is sufficient to enter dhcpc -v to get a detailed logged output of what happened in the background with the DHCP. In Windows you can only rely on the presented Information, define some Log Actions or just wisely nod your head.

Of course one could take the big club and wireshark the DHCP Process, but one is lazy and not always want to do that. So I just wrote another tiny tool which exactly does one simple thing; Listening to in and outgoing DHCP Communication on a selected interface and display them in humand readable output like this:

Windows DHCL CLI Info Tool

As you can see, the > marked green text is sent from my PC. The < marked received Information in blue comes from the DHCP Server.

Simple, you select the interface and it keeps listening. The tool does not release / renew or send any request it just monitor all the existing DHCP Traffic on the selected NIC.

It's a "feel free to use" beta compiled tool, so if you find any errors please let me know.

The tool is called simple dhcpsniff.exe you can get this tiny tool together with others I recently put together in a small ZIP file as Collection.

Tool Collection (zip, 402.41 KB)
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