For users using a AVM Fritzbox and XBMC in a Windows enviroment I put together a tiny tool to display incoming Calls on the Screen of your XBMC Mediacenter. If you put it in yor systems autostart it will automatically connects to your Fritzbox and monitoring incoming calls. As soon as a incoming call is recocnized it sends a notification Message to the Screen of your XBMC and pauses the current running Movie.

Message in XBMC:


What`s currently missing ?

The tool isn`t complete yet. I plan to include this functions:

  • Number to name mapping
  • Import of Fritzbox phonebook
  Changelog 2011-01-14
  • Changed the API from HTTP API to EventServer API to keep Dharma compatible
  • redone some functions and debug output
  • integrated Icon to XBMC feature, depending on the used skin in XBMC it should now show the icon in the XBMCfritz directory named phone.png as notification icon in XBMC.
  • Added "Test" Button in the Settings page


XBMCfritz Callermonitor


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